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Award-winning journalist Martin Himel hosts and directs Twist of Faith, a 13 part television series investigating how religions affect world events. Broadcast on the Vision Television Network across Canada.

"Twist of Faith" 13x30 minute episodes

"Jesus of Siberia" promo
"Twist of Faith" promo

Martin embarks on a world trekking assignment.

In China, he finds out how Islam survives and even resists the suspicions of the Communist government.

In Canada, he meets a rebellious group of Catholic Women demanding the right to priesthood who find themselves facing excommunication from the Vatican.

In Soweto, he discovers how the energies of a powerful clergyman can give pride and hope to thousands of unemployed AIDS sufferers.

Deep in the forests of Russia, he encounters "Jesus of Sibera" a religious leader with thousands of followers who have fled the chaos of Russian life.

In the USA, thousands seek out faith healing, as a way of coping with loneliness, stress and ill health that modern life can't treat.

And in the filthy slums of Delhi, Martin accompanies a frail but powerful woman who is trying to save the Hindu Untouchable workers condemned by their low caste to a life of working in the poisonous and hazardous sewers of India.

Other episodes investigate: Christianity in Ethiopia and the War on Terror, Saving Hill tribes in Thailand, Holy Sites Controversy in Jerusalem, Women and Islam, Where is Judaism going, Polygamy in America, as well as Religion and War in the Balkans.

Twist of Faith

Many of us do not practice religions, or necessarily believe in a conventional faith, but belief impacts on all of us. We have experienced this fact in the events of 9-11 and in numerous international conflicts. The spiraling price of oil is affected by Faiths. Our personal safety is influenced by religions.

The series takes us on an ambitious world journey to show how Religions affect our lives in diverse and surprising ways.

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