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We are proud to announce distribution of our new current affairs series IN SEARCH OF.

TPI is a leading world distributor of current affairs and information programming.

13 x 30 mins

"IN SEARCH OF" promo "IN SEARCH OF" 9:26 minute movie

IN SEARCH OF investigates the mysterious facets of Cyberspace Love and Traditional Healing. From the battles of African AIDS and Poverty Fighters to the dilemmas of Arranged Marriages and the Native People Protection, IN SEARCH OF offers an intensive, visual look at international issues.

Each half hour explores one theme through three stories examining our common goals and desires. Anchorless, with an optional narration in English, IN SEARCH OF can be tailored to diverse television markets in various languages.

This stimulating journey around the globe illuminates our similarities and differences, providing an entertaining, intimate and intricate look into the human race.

13 X 30 Min Series


Thematic Episodes and Stories:



Theme: With the advent of the Internet, Cyberspace dating has opened up a whole new venue for meeting. We examine the attraction and the dangers.

Chapter One: Ed and Mary dated for months on the Internet. He lived in Salem, Oregon . She lived in Mississippi. Now they are attempting to make it work together.

Chapter Two: Mark and Sharon are in love. They have never met. Mark lives in Toronto, Canada. Sharon in Melbourne, Australia. They communicate over the Internet. Katherine and Melissa, are looking for love through an internet company, based in Los Angeles, called Matchnet. Matchnet has a million members and is growing daily.

Chapter Three: Internet romance has led to Internet Predators. We follow Carmen, an Internet Detective, who exposes frauds and imposters.


Theme: Third world countries like Thailand are developing rapidly. Aboriginal hill tribes like the Akha, and Mong are paying the price. The Thai authorities want them to assimilate into urban culture but the leaders are resisting.

Chapter One: Meeh Neh looks bent over and tiny but she is a powerful leader within her village high up in the Thai mountains near the border with Myanmar. She is preparing for the rice festival, and follows the Zong , the unwritten law. She is urging the young to resist going down into the valleys.

Chapter Two: We follow life in the valleys. Those Akha who have moved into valley towns and cities have plunged into drug addiction and despair. It is a route witnessed with American Native Peoples.

Chapter Three: We see Meeh Neh at the climax of the Rice Festival, a colorful ceremony full of dance and music. It is also full of Akha pride in their identity and heritage. But with relentless modernization encroaching on the Akha , they are facing a tough battle to preserve their distinctive ways.


Theme: World media, movies, and books pound audiences with romantic passion and attraction between men and women. In the vast majority of societies on this planet, however, when it comes time to marriage, it is the Mother and Father who have decisive decision power on the most appropriate mate for their children.

Chapter One: Cairo, Egypt. Wahel and Maha have known each other for four weeks. This is their wedding day. Even though they are middle class professionals, they are having an arranged marriage. Their parents made the final decisions. Yet the songs and motif at their wedding is the fantasy and allure of freely falling in love. Egypt is the Arab world's Hollywood . Stories of love and romance are everywhere. Young people date and fall in love, but often break up to marry.

Chapter Two: We profile Mona and Serradg . They had an arranged marriage, discovered they were strangers and plunged into crisis. But they learned to love each other when children arrived. It is not an easy path.

Chapter Three: Maha Mandour is a Cairo U graduate, and an independent women, much to her parent's chagrin. Maha has rejected three selected suitors and says she will only marry a man who will fall at her feet and plead he cannot live without her! It's a tough road to follow in Egypt.


Theme: In the Western world we are living longer, better, and healthier. Some are taking advantage of those extra years with a unique lifestyle, the RV lifestyle. Throughout the United States a nomadic community on wheels and mobile homes are roaming throughout America.

Chapter One: We profile Ron, who is 78. Divorced at 65, he quit his job, sold everything, cashed in his house, bought an 'RV', hit the road and has never looked back.

Chapter Two: Bob is 57. Anne 53. Like many in his age group, Bob was downsized, fired at 55. He worked 30 years for an oil company. Out of a job, Bob and Ann decided to change their lives and become full-time escapees.

Chapter Three: When old age disease strikes, the free adventurous lifestyle can suddenly become a nightmare. We profile Joe, Sue and Ray. While traveling Joe discovered his kidneys were failing. It grounded the couple at Rainbow's end. Ray, suddenly had to face a terrible reality. His wife has advanced Alzheimers disease. RVers have banned together and set up support facilities for those stricken with illness. It has enormously helped Ray and his wife.


Theme: Most of us expect doctors backed by science and technology to treat us, but for many in Africa the preferred choice are Sangoma's and Inyanga's or Healers and Herbalists.

Chapter One: We profile Sangoma Michael Imhlongo in his village treatment mud hut. His clientele come to him from ailments ranging from sexual diseases to problems of the 'heart'- lost or broken love. His remedies range from tars and pastes to special sacrifices to trap evil spirits.

Chapter Two: Sangoma Imhlongo offers cures for unrequited love. He is currently treating Fikele Intoolee. This is her second visit.

Chapter Three: Makose Shez visits our Sangoma. She is a registered hospital nurse and a Sangoma Healer. Makose Shez guides us into the spiritual and herbalist world of the Sangoma.


Theme: The Balkans have historically been the volatile detonator of Europe. But change is coming to the Balkans . Will it last?

Chapter One: We profile Luan Rudari and Dubravka Konjevic during the Kosovar war. Serb Dubravka is suffering from Cancer in bombed Novisad. She needs treatment and can't get it. Luan is a Kosovar Albanian. He is trapped in a refugee camp , separated from his 9 month pregnant wife and is worried.

Chapter Two: Time Lapse. Serb dictator Milosevic is gone. Dubravka has survived cancer and is rebuilding her business in Novisad , Serbia - there is optimism.

Chapter Three: Luan and Eranda have rebuilt their lives in Horndle, Austria. Can Luan and Dubravka forgive each other for the violence and bloodshed? Do they feel remorse? The answer is complex for them and for the Balkans.


Theme: When Nelson Mandela took power more than a decade ago he ushered in the promise of an equal society between Blacks and Whites. The truth more than ten years later is quite multi-colored.

Chapter One: We are profiling Reverend Sephoto, a clergyman who works with the poor and sick in Soweto. We discover that the promise of a better life has not reached the masses. Education is marginally better but substandard, AIDS, and crime are rampant.

Chapter Two: Reverend Sephoto's wife, Martha, believes the key to success is education. She provides day care for children, orphaned, because their parents died from aids. Martha Sephoto cherishes these children.

Chapter Three: Carolyn Menyape is South Africa's success story. She comes from the shacks, despair and pain of the township. She escaped the AIDS plague and is educated and successful. She is co-owner of a "head hunting" firm, and recruits potential employees for major companies. She lives and works in Johannesburg.


Theme: In our breathtakingly modern world, rife with change, some are advocating going in the other direction. They want to reclaim the past. Whether it is building less modern cities, or preserving ancient customs or relics, they believe there is no future without a strong link to the past.

Chapter One: Slow Cities. Mayor Paulo Saturnini banned fast food, big retail outlets, and malls from Greve, Italy. Greve is now a slow city. More than 40 other cities around the world also want to turn the clock back and become slow cities.

Chapter Two: Letters to God. From all over the world people write to God, the address, Jerusalem. The letters are addressed to Jesus Christ, God , Santa Claus, and a host of biblical figures. The two thousand year old Western Wall is kept alive by people writing to God, and placing their most intimate wishes into this Jewish holy site.

Chapter Three: Bringing an Ancient City to Life. Petra, Jordan. Dahlal used to live in an ancient tomb in Petra. Now he is managing a team of Bedouins, preserving the ancient wonders of Petra, an entire city carved out of desert mountains.


Theme: We profile how doctors around the globe take on unique medical challenges.

Chapter One: Virtual Hospital. Dr. Amitai Ziv has a rare career combination. He was an Israeli fighter pilot and now is a doctor. He is also Founder and Director of MSR at Tel Aviv's Sheba Medical Center. Now he uses his talents to create special simulators, based on flight, but used to train doctors.

Chapter Two: Nerve Transplants. Surgeons at John Hopkins hospital have developed a breakthrough surgery that allows nerve transplants from a donor to a recipient. Since the donor will suffer damage it is usually a parent donating to a child. We will profile this breakthrough surgery and the personal sacrifice one Mother made to help their son.

Chapter Three: North Koreans Fight To Save Eyesite. We see how Doctors and others in North Korea try to do their best, to offer proper Eye treatment in this Stalinistic and poverty stricken country. They use makeshift primitive technology.


Theme: Societies around the world use prayer to achieve goals in society.

Chapter One: Female Baptist Preachers in the Southern United States were frowned upon because of the belief that God wants only male preachers. We profile a renegade- a female preacher - in Waco Texas.

Chapter Two: Catholicism and Zen. Attendance is down in Catholic Churches within Bavaria Germany. Consequently donations are also down. Monasteries in the Bavarian mountains are finding it hard to make ends meet. So the Monks are offering the New Age generation a unique service, Zen meditation within the Monastic Church life. It is becoming a Big hit.

Chapter Three: Preacher and commodities trader Dan Stratton combines the power of faith and prayer with the down to earth ability of making money to make profits for his clients on Wall Street.


Theme: Courtship varies in different parts of the world , but the challenge is always the same, Man and Woman trying to meet.

Chapter One: The Lisodonvarna Love Festival. Willy Daly is considered one of the last of the traditional Irish matchmakers, at the Lisdonvarna love festival. Here and there a match is made in Lisodonvarna. Whether by chance or through a connection, it gives hope to others still searching.

Chapter Two: Marriage Classes In Maryland. With divorce rates climbing over 50 percent, several States across the USA are incorporating State marriage classes when applicants request a marriage license. We profile American Marriage classes.

Chapter Three: Overworked and Under-Sexed in Singapore. Men and women are too overworked, too stressed out for sex and love. So, the Singapore government is guiding and teaching them how to cultivate relationships.


Theme: Ask women around the world and they have a common description of men: They are obsessed with their personal challenges. We look at three distinct men with three distinct challenges, where the gratification is something intangible, and not money.

Chapter One: Attorney Barry Sheck became famous for getting OJ Simpson off a murder charge because of faulty DNA testing. Now he is getting long-time convicted murderers out of jail, proving their innocence with new DNA techniques.

Chapter Two: Lutti Andreas, five times world champion of model airplane flying, performs amazing acrobatic exercises. Lutti, is a Swiss high school sports teacher. His real love is flying and building his model planes.

Chapter Three: Paul Brodi has fallen in love with Jewish Klezmer music. He is obsessed with this music and he has infected his native Berlin with Klezmer Jazz.


Theme: We explore some of the unusual treatments used around the world not only to fight disease, but also for emotional stress and obesity.

Chapter One: Cone snails, scorpions and spiders, can all kill. But, scientists are discovering their venom can also cure, and alleviate pain.

Chapter Two: Flavor Sprays have become the latest hit to fight pounds. A chef in a fashionable New York City restaurant, has devised mayo, butter, French dressing, and Teriyaki flavor sprays. They have no calories, but a lot of taste.

Chapter Three: We all love to laugh, and now research has shown that laughter heals. We profile medical clowns and their successes.

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