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"Confrontation at Concordia" promo "Confrontation at Concordia" 9.23 minute movie

An explosive student confrontation at Montreal's Concordia University in September 2002 which forced the cancellation of a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu, is the subject of Confrontation at Concordia, a special one-hour documentary.

On September 9, 2002, student union activists staged a protest to stop the former Israeli prime minister from addressing the Jewish student movement Hillel. Hillel is a major international Jewish student organization with branches in almost every university where Jews study.

The protest forced the Concordia administration to call in the Montreal police and Netanjahu's speech was cancelled. Throughout the months that followed, the student union banned Hillel on campus, which provoked angry outcries of anti-Semitism.

Confrontation at Concordia, produced in association with the Global Television Network, examines the contentious issues of intolerance and extremism on the Montreal campus and the long-standing conflicts in the Middle East.


Confrontation at Concordia is produced, directed and written by Martin Himel. He is currently reporting on Mideast issues for Global National and was part of the national newscast's war coverage team during the recent Mideast crisis.

A Canadian journalist, Himel has covered the Mideast for more than 20 years for CTV, CBC, FOX and ABC. Himel is also the Executive Producer of Elsash Productions, the production company responsible for this project.

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